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This privacy policy is applied to all personal information that Hakuyo Keiki Service Co., Ltd. collect from users through this web site. Personal information is defined as all information including address, name, age, sex, phone number, fax number, E-mail address, credit-card number and any other data that could identify a specific person. When you provide your personal information through this web site, please read thoroughly this privacy policy in advance and provide your personal information with understanding of this contents.

Principle of the Collection of Personal Data

When registering requested information on this website or when taking questions and requests, we will receive personal information supplied from the site user.

About Cookies

Certain our web pages utilize "cookies". The "cookies" is small text files which are created by applications software in the Web server and are stored on the hard disk.
The "Cookies" are accumulated onto the server in order to recall information on Visitors, understand traffic patterns. It follows that the cookies post information when the user visit the website again so that it could be possible to create the website suitable for the user's taste. Most browsers give Visitors the possibility to control cookies. In this sense, Visitors can decide by themselves whether or not to accept or remove such cookies.

Disclosure and Providing to Third Parties

We will not disclose, leak, or provide personal information to third parties. However, the following outlines cases where information can be disclosed:

1.When we have direct consent of the actual customer/user.
2.When this information becomes critical for life-and-death situations or the protection of assets and it is difficult to receive permission directly from the person himself/herself.
3.When it becomes important to cooperate with the state or a local public organization and when receiving permission of the person in question becomes an impediment to the execution of the matter at hand.
4.When laws and ordinances request the disclosure of information.
5.When we are requested to expressly disclosure information to a third party by the person himself/herself.
6.When the user himself/herself purchase our/third parties' goods or service through this website and we are requested to provide the required information from appropriate third parties or carriers.
7.When we transfer all of/part of our operations to a third party.
8.When the information is not difficult to identify the user.
9.When we determine rationalistically the need for information to provide service to the user.

However it correspond to No.6 and is also requested by the person himself/herself, we suspend providing information of the person in question to a third party.
We do not sell the personal information to a third party and will issue the article on this wepsite about the purpose of using information on occasions when we use information for things beyond the purpose more effective for the user except in cases above.

Correction, Deletion

Customer/user can requests the deletion and the correction of personal information. Please let us know by the contact form, if you would like to delete or correct your personal information.In cases of corrections and deletions as well, we will verify the identity of the person requesting this action and make the correction and deletion of information within the proper norms. We acknowledge the information faithful which user provide and use information complying with the regulations of this privacy policy unless the revision is not completed by an offer to revice the information in question. We therefore do not accept any responsibility of causing trouble by using the wrong information as a correct one when user doesn't let us know the disclosure or the modifications of personal information.


We complies with the laws and regulations in Japan with regard to handling of personal information and may revise and improve this policy from time to time without prior notice. We reserve the right to revise this privacy policy anytime without prior notice as well as not having particular reason. We don't have intention of being bound by then privacy policy in any sence.>
Please use the inquiry form to contact us about our privacy policy.

Inquiries about our privacy policy

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